A blog by Jon Masters

Computer Architecture is a passion of mine. It’s what gets me out of bed in the morning. The idea that there are exciting technologies to work on, to understand, and to help others understand, just truly excites me like almost nothing else.

The goal of this (personal) blog is to help to provide a community service to others who find computer architecture interesting. It’s not only for beginners, or seasoned veterans, but for anyone with an exposure to the technology industry.

I’m entirely self taught. I studied Computer Science in school, but perhaps the closest we came to a lot of the topics in this blog were some Operating System classes. What I know today is the result of countless hours of reading and pondering assorted literature, and getting to work for the past decade on related concepts.

I believe that there are no “hardware people” or “software people”, just people, and that there should not be barriers that divide us. The future of our industry is going to be built upon hardware and software co-design, not arbitrary silos that divide us. We are one family, together.

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